Friday, May 22, 2009

Five Things I Like About Date Night

1. We get to be relaxed with no rushing!

2. We end up talking for hours and hours. Just talking! About nothing. And everything. And I am reminded how witty, smart, and fun my husband is.

3. We get to go to grown up places to eat instead of Red Robin! And have a plethora of adult beverages!

4. We both get off work pretty early, so we sometimes pass the time by taking a stroll though the bookstore, or Costco, or no where in particular.

5. Sometimes, if the evening has gone just right, and we aren't too full or too drunk, if we don't get home too late, and we haven't argued about anything, we sometimes wind up having really great sex.

1 comment:

Hubman said...

Date night should *always* end with great sex! Hope it works out for you ;-)